You Can Help Delta9 Scientists Fight Covid-19

Hello Farmers, Processors and Retailers,
This email is not exactly what you would expect from an analytical hemp testing lab but we are trying to help with the current crisis and this is urgent.

Dr. Caffrey has developed an antibody test for Covid-19 immunity but she cannot start testing the general public until we collect 50 blood samples for CONFIRMED POSITIVE COVID-19 VICTIMS WHO ARE RECOVERING.If you have recovered or if you have family or friends that have recovered, she will meet you anywhere in Virginia to draw one tube of blood.Please share this information with everyone you know.Dr. Caffrey’s email is or you can email me with any questions.

We are still open for business and we are still analyzing samples. We have lowered the price of potency testing to $50 per sample. Contact Cody today to arrange drop off.‌

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